"Aaaagh� Why do I get all the stalkers...?!
Just leave me alone.
What am I, a stalker magnet?"

Charon's stalker list

    Official Characters
  1. Deian
  2. Melia

  3. The Readers
  4. angiechild
  5. xZora
  6. Hali
  7. Amy
  8. evil-noodle
  9. whitechocolate
  10. Mikotan
  11. senachi
  12. Meepy
  13. Sayoko-nee
  14. Combeferre
  15. alouaine

How can you stalk Charon?
Simply comment on one of the webcomic pages and declare yourself as one of Charon's stalkers. If you get bored of stalking Charon then you can let him know by leaving a comment on the most recent webcomic page. It's that easy!

...Poor Charon.

Deian's stalker list

    The Readers
  1. Hali
  2. evil-noodle
  3. Mikotan
  4. senachi
  5. Meepy
  6. Sayoko-nee
  7. alouaine

Deian has stalkers, too?
Hmm. I guess. You can stalk him the same way one stalks Charon. Be nice, though. Deian can be quite stupid sometimes.

Melia's stalker list

    The Readers
  1. foxygirl_chan
  2. evil-noodle
  3. senachi
  4. Meepy
  5. alouaine

Melia, too?
You can stalk anyone, really. Just don't get caught or make people feel uncomfortable... Or do any bad things. >:[

Clover's stalker list

    The Readers
  1. Meepy

Mr. Kyle's stalker list

    The Readers
  1. Meepy

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