June 20th, 2012, 7:33 pm

Anime Expo 2012!


Sorry, updates suddenly slowed down. I lost my tablet nib, and then there are anime conventions I'm attending.

I'll be at Anime Expo this year in the artist alley! I'm a little bit far back, but if you want to stop by to say hi, I'd be happy to give you guys a quick UTENSIL sketch request or something. Just let me know that your read my webcomic (WARNING: I'll get really embarrassed and I'm super awkward.) and I'll draw you something. So stop by if you can.

Maybe I'll make a UTENSIL print, so I can easily be recognized but uuuhhh I don't know. I've been procrastinating HARD on prints. ;; We'll see.

I am tentatively in table F28!

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