January 1st, 2012, 1:28 am

When are updates going to return?

Hi, all!!

I'm going to work hard until I finish so I'm going to slow down updates temporarily to an indeterminate schedule. I really want to set things up to every other day updates so I hope you don't mind the wait. (It's a really long chapter...)

I've been going through a rough patch with UTENSIL, even though it's ending soon. It's that thing where webcomic artists look back at their old pages, decide that it's pointless, and have a desire to quit and throw it all away. But now that I've inked all the pages, maybe that feeling won't be a problem anymore. If it does, I'll fight it off.

I'm going to get this done, I promise you that.

Thank you to all my readers and friends for your support. I would've quit a long time ago if you guys weren't here. I really mean it.

Happy New Year, guys!

I haven't updated in about a month, but I'll try to get you one sometime soon. I just can't stand hiatuses.

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