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Character Meme Main

Write out the names of your characters and explain
1) how you thought of the character's name
2) what made you create the character in the first place
3) how the character has changed over time (if they have changed)
4) any random fun fact about that character

Deian Jankowski
1) His name was originally Dian, pronounced DEE uhn, which I randomly thought up while altering semi-popular names (or possibly my first name, haha, I can't remember) to make a unique name that wouldn't look or sound too weird for the real world. I may have also found the name "Dian" from a French list of names... maybe. Unfortunately, no one seemed to pronounce it right, so I changed it to something easier to pronounce without changing the name too much.
His last name was simply from a Wikipedia search of Polish last names. Deian is Caucasian, thus having a bunch of origins mixed together, but he's probably mostly Polish/German in nationality.

2) Deian is pretty much the type of person I want to be. Even though his past isn't something to be proud of and people are afraid of him, he moves forward and does his best to reach his goals. He is also completely honest and tries his best to keep a cheery atmosphere.

3) Deian probably has changed the least out of the main characters. Other than his name, his past was added probably during the making of Ch1 or 2 of this version of UTENSIL.

4) Uh... Deian was supposed to be the main character of this story, but when I realized my original ending was way too close to the anime ending (minus the movie) of Card Captor Sakura, I had to change a few things and the major plot points involving Deian getting to know Charon better were axed. And unwittingly, Deian seems to be out of the spotlight most of the time. ;__; I mean he's there, but his scenes don't seem to be dramatic enough to warrant attention. I'm sorry, Deian. ;v;

Melia Russo
1) Another name probably thought up while I was mixing and matching popular names together, most likely "Mel" (a character I have for another story) and "Leah" (one of my cousin's names). Again, I wanted a name that doesn't sound too weird but was more obscure than something like "Katherine" or "Sarah."
Melia's hair is red and her last name "Russo" means "red." She's probably Scottish and probably some Irish and other European in there, so I just looked up surnames in Wikipedia.

2) Melia's personality is the most like mine, especially during the time that I made this story. I was going through some rough times in 2006 and starting thinking about problems from the past that were bottled up for too long, so like Melia, I was really moody. So Melia is someone I understand extremely well. She's the me that no one really knew or understood, and I could never find a girl character in a "shoujo" manga that I could relate to. At all. She had to be made.

3) Melia changed a lot from the original story, actually. This is the 3rd version, and the 2nd version didn't amount to much. In the first version, Melia would have been the quiet-type of girl. She was a lot more sensitive but still just as clueless back then. In the second version, her personality wasn't developed much, but she attacks Deian and Charon with ninja tactics to train them and then battle against the cake-stealing ninja group. Then the idea was scrapped and now she's unwittingly (Yes, these characters just happened to develop themselves as I drew) became who she is now. Mood swing and all.

4) Melia's hair was supposed to be a semi-short haircut that pointed in one direction (to her left side) but sometime during chapter 2 her hair started to flow more naturally.

Charon Wan
1) I was looking up mythical gods and stuff, and Charon was named after the ferryman of the Styx. I was surprised the guy's name wasn't more popular, because it looked and sounded cool, so I used it.
Charon is half Caucasian (Greek) and half Chinese, but his father is Chinese so he has a Chinese last name Wan. He also has a Chinese first name based off of Charon. Kai Ron... except I can't remember the meaning or how to write it at the moment.

2)Charon is basically my emo side/angry side. So I understand him pretty well, too. He pushes people away because he's afraid of hurting them/being hurt but inside he wishes the opposite. But fear takes control.

3) He was originally just angry and mean due to stress because his sister was sick and he was tired of people playing tricks/lying to him. Then I changed him to have a sickness, which made him angry AND sad. His hair was originally black, and his eyes used to be a hazel brown, but I... forgot, so I made him dye his hair black and his eyes changed to gray. His past was also added later on (although it was added before this chapter 1 was drawn).

4) Charon was a cry-baby when he was a kid.

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