December 13th, 2009, 4:18 pm

Character Meme

Write out the names of your characters and explain
1) how you thought of the character's name
2) what made you create the character in the first place
3) how the character has changed over time (if they have changed)
4) any random fun fact about that character

Because I'm cool, not drawing the comic and wasting my time on something else like this, I will start with the side characters first.

John, Casey, and Tom
1) Their names were quickly just thought up in my head. They're pretty typical names, and I was like in grade school, so there wasn't much thought process behind it. They just needed a name, and I guess those were the first names that came up in my head.
2) They were my first "original characters," with names anyway. My little sis made paper people, and I wanted to play with her so I made my own too.
3) John is totally different. He used to be a typical, main-character type for a kid's show. He was happy with some flaws that made him... emo at times? But now he's a stoic, calculating little kid... with a cool side. Casey is still a tomboy that still has several girly points, like liking pink and purple. Tom's even more of a scaredy-cat and now has a crush on Casey(?!).
4) They used to be Pokemon trainers. XD

1) Oliver used to be name Clave (pronounced kl-AAH-vay, I believe), which was Spanish for "key," as in an answer key or a musical key. But then Clave became split into two characters, a boy and a girl. The girl became Clover, reminiscent of the old Clave name in appearance, and Oliver mirrors the name "Clover" by replacing the "c" with an "i" and mixing the letters around.
2) Clave was made essentially for UTENSIL's ninja-cake-stealing story. Oliver was created because Clave was originally a girl... or a cross-dressing boy, but I couldn't make up my mind so Clave became BOTH. XD;
3) Well, clearly the poor kid went through some gender changing in the process of creating his character. XD; Oliver was originally a "ninja girl" who could've really been a girl or a guy that would yell, "Just because I cross-dress, doesn't mean I'm gay." He was first just a lackey that served Hannah as a "ninja" but as I added more backstory to him, he became Charon's (ignored) friend and a character with a huge sister complex. His ethnicity also changed from Hispanic to Filipino when I changed Clave into two characters.
4) He knows how to French braid.

1) As I said with Oliver, she makes the other half of Clave, and her name is based off the original name.
2) Again, she was created when Clave became Oliver, giving Oliver a reason to cross-dress without actually wanting to cross-dress for the sake of looking like a girl.
3) Clover didn't have much of a character in the first place. She just ended up being a super cute, strangely dressed goth loli? She's extremely optimistic and looks up to her big brother.
4) She likes bugs and creepy crawly things.

Mr. Kyle
1) I had a classmate named Kyle. I thought it was cool, and I created him a long, long time ago. I had no creativity back then.
2) He was a paper person, like Casey, Tom, and John. He's one of the later paper persons that I made though.
3) His character grows as time passes, really. His hair cut was originally a bowl cut, and over time he wanted to get rid of his nerd identity and look cooler. His sadly desperate search for a girlfriend and inability to get one is still consistent with his character.
4) He went through a phase of wearing contacts and growing his bangs a bit longer to look more fashionable, but it didn't last long. He sort of went back to his bowl hair cut... except made it less nerdy by giving it a disheveled look.

1) Nothing interesting on her name. On the top of my head kinda thing. She might've just been named after the month.
2) She was originally some adventure character I drew in 6th grade, and I really liked her uneven hair. But I never did anything with her story so she ended up in UTENSIL as an extra.
3) Originally, May would've been the adventurous, cool-chick. But when she first was added to UTENSIL, she was supposed to be a worrysome, timid girl who liked the teacher. Then for some unknown reason, she became an evil, flirtatious chick. o___O; I guess I needed some conflict in the story. *shrug* She was supposed to be likable and a somewhat tragic figure, originally... haha. X);;;
4) I've made another story where she dies, ahah. >___>;

1) She originally had no name. So... I just picked a name an Asian-American would typically have.
2) She was made to be Charon's sister.
3) You wouldn't believe it, looking at the comic now, but she was originally supposed to Charon's LITTLE sister, who was sick with disease. Now their roles have switched, haha. So, Hannah's age switched from around 5-8 to somewhere in her mid-20s. Her personality is pretty similar though. Mean and demanding at first glance, but really not.
4) She wants to set up a tofu shop.

I'll do the main characters later. =w=;

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