January 22nd, 2008, 3:06 am

Rereading UTENSIL

I spent the last hour (well, actually 48 minutes) rereading UTENSIL chapters. *cough*insteadofdoingmyhomework*cough* And I realized... It-isn't-THAT-bad. O__O;;

I mean, sure, the toning could use work, but art improves with each chapter. Each chapter has their lapses... Like Ch1 and eyes being too far apart and a nonsensical story... Ch2 is the inconsistency. Ch3 is pretty good... paneling could use some work, but not too many complaints for that one. Ch4 is also good in toning, but the panels were smushed together. Ch 5 has pretty decent art, and the panels for the most part are okay... The only downside is my laziness in toning. =w=;

But overall, it's not THAT bad, unless you don't like my characters or the nonsense story isn't your type.

But... I sort of like it. O_O
You won't find be stopping in the middle to start over and redraw the first chapter. I once thought that I should redraw the first chapter to fit the 3rd revision of the story, but... it still works. o_O

I'm sort of... proud of my lazy work. O_O
What was up with me and my lack of motivation? I just don't want to tone! (I wish I could fix my homework motivation problem the same way...)

But no worries! I've started Ch6, and I'm using pencil toning! I'm putting more effort on art and toning, and trying to keep it clean. Now if only I put the same effort in my art homework...

Maybe when I feel like it, I might tone the untoned Ch5 pages, but don't count on it. (I'm a lazy person, you see.)

Oh hey, Character Personality Quiz in the works. XD I just need to make images and make some quick edits and we're good! Haha, I even tested it and got my result.

Guess which UTENSIL character I'm most like. XD


, January 23rd, 2008, 5:45 am

OwO Yay for you! <3 Makes everyone feel fluffy inside knowing that. Sad to say for some part of me...

I'm guessing you're most like Melia? o_o;

Bri_Kilala (Guest), February 3rd, 2008, 3:10 pm

Same with angie, your probably more like Melia.

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