December 12th, 2007, 10:03 pm

Character meme

Rules: D:
1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag three people.
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!( Have a variation of genders.... ._.)

Chosen UTENSIL Characters:

Melia Russo
Deian Jankowski
Charon Wan
May Bowen
Kyle Auerbach

Q 1) How old are you?
Melia: 13
Deian: 14
Charon: 13
May: 13
Kyle: ...21.

Q 2) What's your height?
Melia: 4'9"
Deian: 5'4 1/2"
Charon: ...5'4"
May: 5'0"
Kyle: I don't measure myself.

Q 3) Are you a virgin?
Melia: Virgin? What does that mean?
Deian: Yes. >////< Why are you asking a question like that to preteen children? D:
Charon: .......
May: It's a secret~
Kyle: Oh, god. Don't remind me. *fails at attracting girls*

Q 4) Are you seeing anyone?
Melia: ...Maybe.
Deian: Not really... T__T
Charon: None of your business.
May: I'm always seeing someone~ ♥
Kyle: I wish.

Q 5) Do you have any kids?
Melia: Huh?
Deian: I hope not.
Charon: ...Stupid question.
May: Ew~ NO.
Kyle: Nope.

Q 6) What's your favorite food?
Melia: Cake~~ ♥
Deian: Hmm... Chicken pot pie is pretty good.
Charon: Whatever. Anything edible, except liver. Spicy thai papaya salad maybe.
May: I'll have what you're having~ ♥
Kyle: Canned corned beef. I'm cheap, and I'm hungry.

Q 7) What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
Melia: Vanilla... with strawberry short cake.
Deian: Mocha. Or coffee.
Charon: Too sweet. Green tea maybe.
May: Rainbow sherbet~
Kyle: Chocolate chip cookie dough for me.

Q 8) Have you killed anyone?
Melia: ...Maybe. I'm not sure.
Deian: ...... No.
Charon: Not yet, anyway.
May: Of course not~
Kyle: Nope.

Q 9) Do you hate anyone?
Melia: May's pretty annoying.
Deian: Not really.
Charon: ......I hate people.
May: Yep~ ♥
Kyle: I hate Kai's guts. And Joe's pretty annoying... but I don't HATE them.

Q 10) Have any secrets?
Melia: Do I? Is my family's wealth a secret?
Deian: ...Yeah.
Charon: Don't make me state the obvious.
May: My measurements are SECRET.
Kyle: I'm poor. And I don't want to be a substitute teacher. But I need money, and my sister forced me into the job. =__=

Q 11) Do you love anyone?
Melia: Yup.
Deian: Um... >/////>;
Charon: ......I...guess.
May: If they're nice to me~♥
Kyle: I have friends and family... but otherwise...

Q 12) What is your job?
Melia: Ninja hunter! X3
Deian: ^_^; Student...?
Charon: ...Maybe I'll get a job at the library.
May: Bunch of part-time jobs. I need the cash.
Kyle: A sub.

Q 13) What do you do to relax?
Melia: I scheme random plots.
Deian: I play the guitar. Or I bake.
Charon: I write, type, listen to music...
May: Teehee~ I'm just obnoxious.
Kyle: I can't remember the last time I relaxed. Maybe if I had money...

Q 14) How did you meet each of the other people?
Melia: Charon was an old friend. Deian was a test subject for my plot. May's a classmate, and Mr. Kyle is my teacher.
Deian: I randomly approached Charon when I just trasferred to SHS. He didn't take part in the rumors like everyone else. Melia randomly punched me on the street, but it turns out that she's my classmate. May's a classmate, too. Mr. Kyle... he looks familiar, but he's just a sub.
Charon: ......Figure it out.
May: They're in my class. Mr. Kyle's a super-nice substitute teacher, though~
Kyle: I teach them. Nothing more. (They're kind of annoying if you ask me, but I love to mess with them.) >3

Q 15) Who, out of the other people, would you want to sleep with?
Melia: I don't think I want to sleep with anyone yet...
Deian: >///////<
Charon: Not interested.
May: Hehe. &#9829;
Kyle: I'm not THAT desperate. Geez.


, December 18th, 2007, 9:55 pm

O__O;;; I can't believe you do it here~ Ooh, Deian plays the guitar. <3 Kyle's funny. XD;

pompi, December 20th, 2007, 2:41 am

I'm too embarrassed to post it elsewhere. =w=; (Just noticed that they're tall for junior high kids.) O_o; *edits*

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