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No spoilers if you're up to date with the comic.

Casey, Tom, and John

  • First appearance: Ch1, pg1
  • Full introduction: Ch1, pg2

  • These three kindergarteners go around town stealing cake, following orders from an unknown leader. Casey, a hyperactive tomboy, enjoys her strange job and often pushes her teammates to achieve their goal. Tom, a shy, weak little boy, follows Casey around like a little brother. John is the silent strategist. He may always seem unimpressed with everything, but he actually enjoys being obnoxious. The three strangely work well together for the sake of their leader as well as the sweet little reward after a job well done.

"Ninja Girl"

  • First appearance: Ch1, pg8
  • Full introduction: ---

  • 'Ninja Girl' leads the pack of kindergarteners and watches over them. She generally only takes part in stealing when deemed absolutely necessary, or when her superior orders her to. She claims to be someone named 'Clover' and is often found hanging around Charon.

Mr. Kyle Auerbach

  • First appearance: Ch1, pg19-20 (in background with a cellphone)
  • Full introduction: Ch3, pg16

  • Mr. Kyle was forced by his sister to take the job of a substitute teacher. Still in college earning his master's degree, he finds this side job to be cumbersome. However, due to his lack of funds, he cannot afford to quit. But he refuses to follow the lesson plan and teaches in whatever way he feels like. Mr. Kyle barely stays home since free food can be found in the faculty lounge. Though he generally hates children, he does enjoy teasing them and making their lives miserable.

May Bowen

  • First appearance: Ch4, pg27
  • Full introduction: Ch5, pg16

  • May is the typical pretty girl. She attempts to alter the uniform as much as she can without breaking the rules, such as by rolling up her sleeves and skirt. May enjoys checking out the guys and gossiping with the girls. She has developed a crush on Mr. Kyle, mistaking Charon for him. (She could be one of the few colorblind females, but she would never admit to it.) Though she may be rambunctious and giddy, she's also quite sensitive and whiny.

Clover Alonso

  • First appearance: Ch6, pg14
  • Full introduction: Ch6, pg25

  • Clover is the real 'Ninja Girl,' but apparently she took a vacation. She has a close relationship with her brother and the Wans. Understanding Hannah's concern for her brother, Clover takes on the job of leading the kindergarteners, and with her innocence and shiny eyes, she can easily grab cakes with a simple "Please?". She's not very fond of violence, but she does keep her more aggressive brother in check with a powerful kick.

Oliver Alonso

  • First appearance: Ch1, pg8
  • Full introduction: Ch6, pg25

  • Short and speedy, Oliver is a more effective ninja than his little sister. Having not yet met the effects of puberty, Oliver could be mistaken as a girl if given the right props. He is often bitter about his height and childish look, but he also knows how to use them to his advantage. Though he is mean and sarcastic, Oliver is loyal and always ready to help out. He has a soft spot for his little sister and will do anything for her sake.

Hannah Wan

  • First appearance: Ch1, pg10
  • Full introduction: Ch5, pg31; Ch6, pg10

  • Hannah runs a small day-care in the neighborhood. Overly concerned for her little brother Charon, she sends her kindergarteners to steal cake. With their parents overseas, Hannah dropped out of college to work several jobs and help pay for the bills and Charon's tuition. Because she has difficulty expressing herself, she appears mean and cold-hearted.

Dr. Kai Osman

  • First appearance: Ch7, pg8
  • Full introduction: Ch8, pg12

  • Kai is Mr. Kyle's older cousin (only by a few seconds or so). He works as a psychologist, but at Kyle's request, he decides to be a substitute teacher for a day. Compared to Kyle, Kai is more serious and amicable. As a doctor, his intelligence and perception skills are top-notch. He may look nerdy, but he is extremely neat and clean. Nerd-haters have burned down his house, forcing him to move in with Kyle.
  • (Cameo appearance from Keyk's Centrifugal Force)

Miss Reena Auerbach

  • First appearance: Ch10, pg13
  • Full introduction: ---

  • Miss A is the usual 7th grade homeroom and the math/science teacher. She was unexpectedly sent to go overseas for several months, and at short notice the only "qualified" substitute teacher she could grab was her ill-mannered, younger brother. Although she expected to return to a warm welcome (after the students had suffered under Kyle for several months), she isn't quite sure how to take it when students cry tears of joy or sob in disappointment upon realizing her return.

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