"Then let's play a game."

Contest results!

First Place: salis
Runner-Up: youmin
Author's Choice: disgaea4eva

Entries (in order of submission received)

Entry #1

  • Name: disgaea4eva
  • Page 1, 2, 3

Entry #2

  • Name: Broken
  • Link: [devART]
  • Artist's Comment: Inspired by certain adorable events in the story. The outfits came from a filler image from the comic.

Entry #3

You Can't Have Your Cake!

  • Name: SAL
  • Link: [devART]
  • Artist's Comment: In the first chapter of UTENSIL, Deian�s cake get�s stolen by ninja children, and it�s always stuck out in my mind as totally hilarious and awesome at the same time. It�s one of my favorite chapters ever and inspired me to recreate that scene of cake stealing!

Entry #4

Charon Wan and the Unstabled Tangled Emotions

  • Name: YouMin
  • Link: [devART]
  • Artist's Comment: I had something else in mind, but since this is the easiest to execute...... *looks left and right*

Entry #5

  • Name: Van
  • Link: [devART]
  • Artist's Comment: N/A

Entry #6


  • Name: SAL
  • Link: [devART]
  • Artist's Comment: Charon, Melia and Deian have a funny and sweet friendship that I just adore, and so I really wanted to show that warmth and happiness with them together.

Entry #7

  • Name: flying-angel
  • Link: [SJ]
  • Artist's Comment: =D

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