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[7.10-11] August 6th, 2008, 2:31 am

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Author's Comments:
pompi, August 5th, 2008, 4:41 pm
From these pages on, I start to make lots of mistakes on inking. =w=;;; At least they're easier to fix on Photoshop! 8D;; Last panel on page 10 was half redrawn on PS because I messed up so badly. XD;;

Oh and 4th panel, page 11... There's the manly violence. 8O Yes, he punched him... *badly drawn* DX

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User's Comments:

BK_1/VGKid, August 6th, 2008, 3:12 am
Oooh! 8D Vio-lence!XD I didn't think Charon will do what he asked or anyone for that matter(unless by his sister). Deian looks angry :D i for some reason like him when he's angry^^ He looks so cool. I can not explain the happiness^^

I like all of your toning methods by the way they are all awesome.

Chorio, August 6th, 2008, 7:38 am Ooooooohhh...
Nice work! (I just read the entire comic... =.=) I like the way this story is going. And this last part was a bit unexpected- But then again, these guys are full of surprises, aren't they?

Hope you update soon,

thesonofdracula, August 6th, 2008, 9:49 am
SHAPA! Oh geez, Deian snapped. Dx I agree with bk. I like Deian better when he's angry. He looks cooler. =P

surrube, August 6th, 2008, 10:10 am
i'm sorry but... did he just slap him?

whitechocolate, August 6th, 2008, 1:45 pm
GO DEIAN! I like the posing and paneling very much on this... the inking on the 'hey Charon' panel is excellent, that it is. =D Very dramatic.

pompi, August 6th, 2008, 4:31 pm
It looks like a slap from the terrible angle I drew it in... but it was supposed to be a punch... D8

How could you like an angry Deian? D8 *likes the happy Deian more* TwT;;

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