"Wait... wha...?"

What the heck is this?
U,T.E:N.S.I.L. is an experimental comic with light romance, random humor, and action, drawn and "written" by Pompi. It takes place in the present world, which is slightly out-of-whack.

And the story...? Well...
Ninjas are out to steal/destroy all the cakes in the world(?) and replace it with tofu. ...right...

O__o; WTH.
Ahahah... Don't mind me. I'm just drawing this comic manga thing for fun. ^^; It's done in pencil since I take forever in inking pages, and if the pages takes too long to make, I'll eventually lose interest in my own project. XP

It's not that funny...
Eheh sorry... u_u My sense of humor is different from most, but randomness is always fun! XP Maybe I'm just easily amused... I don't know. At least I'm trying! XD;

Who is this author?
I go by Pompi.
I can be found in several sites: Mushpatch, Yumble, devART, and more...

© 2oo6-2o13 Pompi. All rights reserved.